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Goodbye Trump 1000 Bill. As a token of appreciation for the hard work of many Trump supporters throughout the year, Donald Trump has decided to give one person a particular”1000 Bill” to every one of his presidential campaign volunteers. It’s a wrap! No strings attached. No catch. Just a terrific way to say thank you to all of the Trump supporters who didn’t run out and buy one before election day.

Since trump first announced his presidential bid in May, many have criticized him for not having a formal campaign committee, a la the Businees of the Republican Party. Some even accused him of”purchasing” the election. However, Trump has stayed true to his campaign promise of providing direction to his movement, and I count myself one of his strong supporters. Due to his unwavering and vocal support of the Trump brand, I’ve received. . .notifications of my position as being in the”in crowd” since the start of his campaign.

Needless to say, as with anything in life, there are those who stand against everything that’s right and just. . .and trump fans like myself fall into that category. So it was a big deal when he announced his choice of General James Jones as the running mate of the vice president. General Jones is well known to possess anti-American and anti-coalition views, which some could discover unsettling.

So then. . .we waited. Many of us were disappointed. But others became energized, because we understood that most of us have something to contribute – we could still prevail! And so I’ve kept my promise to support trump by continuing to buy the trump 10 dollars coin every day. (Not sure why I like the term”perk”.)

I’ve gotten to know trump through his various pronouncements over the years. I listened to his interviews on the Howard Stern Show. I followed him on his various social media outlets. And I even sometimes wrote about his campaign for the New York Times. I have remained consistent in my Trump supporters’ view that trump has the ideal vision, the foresight, and the skills to become the next president of america.

I also appreciate what I see as an unprecedented opportunity for a change in how our country works. Electing a president with an historic mandate will indeed set a new precedent for governance in america. And as a lifelong progressive, I congratulate trump with this historic opportunity. In doing so, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating what is likely to be one of the most transformational presidential appointments in history. Please consider all this and think on it.

It seems to me, and I speak as a Trump supporter, this move, if taken up to its logical conclusion, is quite positive for our nation. A positive concerning party unity, economic expansion, and the restoration of our world’s health. Trump has broken his campaign promise, he’s unpledged. He’s got every right to break that pledge, and it is about time. Our political system needs leaders, not just elected leaders, but people who can help guide us through the difficult times ahead.

With his brilliant business mind, it is my strong belief that trump understands and is ready for the challenges that lie ahead. He is the consummate salesman and I’d advise any Trump supporter to talk to him about how you feel about his direction. As they say, knowledge is power, and I think trump has that knowledge and advice of all. Consider this in 2021.

Let us face the facts, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We are moving into uncharted waters, and we need a plan to navigate through these waters. The final thing we want now is a Trump Administration in emergency mode, knee deep in mud. The last thing we need now is another four years of Obama-ism, or the continuation of the failed policies of yesterday. Think on this.

Lots of men and women who supported trump during the election are concerned about his temperament, and the”catch them by the pussy” comment, as well as other remarks he made concerning women, immigrants, minorities and Muslims. Is trump the right person to lead? How will we deal with the”gangs of immigrants” when he suggests to close our borders and create a registry for all of those who come here? And won’t we have issues with drug dealers on our side after we have mass deported illegals?

What will America look like following trump becomes president? Can we trust him to make things get better, or will he be another flip-flop and turn the country down, similar to the Bush administration? What are your thoughts? Think on this.